A. Squeezy – Skeppy Excursion (Whipping Excursion parody)

(Beam me up Scotty)

Chicken is burning
[?] She can cook, till I [?] it in person
In the DM, she had me putting that work in
You’re not a wifey, you’re just an Instagram version
Now I’m eating that Colonel
Two piece and a pack of that herbal
I used to stunt in pics, then I nearly got burgled
Now all of my pictures are a little bit personal
White socks pon’ feet, you know I mess with that Persil
Dude with the million dollar plans, even though my money’s quite hurtful
No spit, I was out of my circle
Post on the strip, we was looking for Squirtles
That’s not banter
This eediat put ice in my Fanta
Threw it in his face, cah’ man can’t have that
This girl said we’re mates, just cos’ man’s clapped
Man don’t powder, dark like Ghana
One youth slapped my boy, I said he shouldn’t have that
Then he looked at me and said you should’ve backed man
So I looked at him like “he’s hench, are you mad, fam?”
Grab it and turn it, curl it
Stand like you’re fearless
Hitting like Skepta did, until you’re hot like a furnace
Grabbing that German Whip, banging Ed Sherman
Her pits were sweating buckets, nose started burning
I just picked up my club, now we asking for sterling
Trapping ain’t working, honeys keep curving
Man are so merky, caught clothes like we’re earning
But keep all the tags on, so we can return em’
Ayo Giggs
Remix my tune again and then bring it out before my tune comes out, yeah?
They’ll be problems innit’
Not “Whippin’ Excursion” it’s “Chicken is Burning”, rudeboy
Yeah? Ay’ no, I’m joking, I’m joking
Don’t come after me, innit’

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