Wale – Brightseat Road Freestyle (Priorities 5 Album) letras

Yeah, turn me up some more
Uh, yeah, yeah
Wale, though
All day, though, uh, uh, yeah

[Verse 1]
My mind thinks at a light speed
Give a fuck if you motherfuckers don’t like me
I was a young fly nigga in my Supreme
When all them OGs was wearin’ them white jeans
A sidekick and a dime piece
That’s the recipe for everything I would need
And would you ever think that bust’ from north east
My luck would go up and the greatest rapper will sign me
Shawn Carter, the product 5 of a lot of artists
Seen a Future in a nigga like Desiigner product
Tryna modify the fuckin’ top 5, home
Get a lil chicken while the fuckin’ sky fallin’
Sky fallin’, sky fallin’
I’m left out of top 5s, it’s cool I write for ’em
Check the credits, the government got a lotta letters
And if they never said it, bet they pay twice for it
GOAT with the POEM
Been lowkey so they sleep on me, damn
All I see, a bunch of D riders
We gots to call out people who don’t be dope for shit
Never seen dope or nothin’
They think they special, but I think they bluffin’
My plane is comin’, my J 11’s
What Mic could say that Wale so redundant
You know a concords?
Aw forget it, they ain’t on board
I’m still goin’, concord on board
Michael Jordan, aw screw it
The mob moves at a lightspeed
I like brown skin bitches and Nikes
Hate clown ass niggas
Long flights and the police, used to pull me over on Brightseat
Road Road Road Road
Phantom, Phantom, Phantom, Ghost

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