Tom Chaplin – Worthless Words (The Wave Album) letras

[Verse 1]
The undercurrent is stronger today
This time it’s different, I’ll keep it at bay
Who am I kidding? I dial the number anyway
I feel it for a moment, yeah, for a moment

[Verse 2]
I’m a pretender to a glorious throne
By 10.07 as I’m driving home
I’m flying high but completely on my own
I feel it for a moment

I’m sorry, so sorry
I’m so sorry now, now, now

Gave my faithful heart
Over to rack and ruin
Cracked and crushed somewhere
Another star-crossed has been
Lost a world away
These worthless words I say
Like sorry

[Verse 3]
Three days later I’m fighting for breath
Death sees me look out over the edge
A soft sweet whisper says, “Careful where you tread”
I hear it for a moment

I’m sorry
I’m sorry now, now, now, now
So sorry

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