Moby – A Simple Love lyrics

[Verse 1]
A simple love
The saving kind
The clueless sadness tries to feast on sand
Please believe this, try to know
That we will save you then

Like stars are flashing by
The world will get one chance at life
I can see the net of heaven
Close, in hop of days i love
One life away
(keep me from fear)
Like endless days
(keep me from doubt)
Don’t let us down now
(keep me from dying with the things i lived without)

One life away
(just give me kindness)
Like endless days
(lit from above)
Don’t let us down now
(just give me hope)
Don’t let us down now
(a simple love)

[Verse 2]
Please believe me when i say:
The love you sent was old and looking back
So please believe me and you’ll know
I will see you then

Old cases walking by
The world will live again tonight
I can’t see the world of heaven
Rose, in hope of days i loved


Keep me from fear
Keep me from doubt
Keep me from dying with the things i lived without
Just give me kindness
Lit from above
Just give me hope
A simple love

[Chorus x2]

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