Lil Durk – Perky’s Callin (Remix) letras

Ay, I’m back on that ’07 shit, ya hear me
I think I’m the only nigga that can turn ops to fans, ya hear me
Free 9

Me and Nuski swagged up in grad school
Remember when the homicide grabbed you
Boogieman had trap like a drive thru
The coke is goin’ quick like it’s fast food
Booka told me D-rose lost his 9-1
Appeal money for them killas when that time come
Sneak dissin’ wit these goofys, niggas dyin’ for ’em
One call I’ll make my TV it’ll slide up
I press 1JB ’cause Zoo was callin’
I press 7 ’cause these goofys callin’ (Lets get It)
I fucked yo bitch and took her Louie shopping (Ain’t Nun)
Fucked yo bitch and took her Louie shopping
I beat my case I keep my pistol on me (Lets Get It ! Ls)
This nigga ‘pose to been my man but he was snitchin’ on me
And everytime he came around I was grippin on it
Like fuck yo life I won’t think twice and I’ll blink you homie
We a’ll turn your IG to an obituary
I just took couple of yo homies to a cemetery (Lets get It)
And you know we did it you ain’t did none (Bitch)
DD in the jam and he ain’t said nothin’
Can’t name a fucking nigga that I ran from
Just made 60 thousand off a Samsung
Just put a couple bodies on my damn gun
And we carry draco’s like they hand guns
Bitches wanna glo wanna be famous
Cummed inside her mouth I make her taste dick (Eater)
Them skinny bitches whine I make em take dick
Might fuck her in the butt so she can stay thick
I lost my niggas to this shit that’s why I’m solo homie gang)
Uptown Miami hood and I was dolo homie
The streets will pull you back and forth like yo-yo homie
Like we ain’t kill your mans and I don’t know your homie
I can hear Nuski calling
I can hear Yuyu calling (Chino)
I can hear LA calling
Yea I can hear Pluto calling
I can hear Irish calling
I can hear J Money calling
And I can hear O calling
Yea I can hear Mo calling
I was staying in Chicago cause I had to (Lets Get It! Ls)
Probation for my pistol it was bad news
All these niggas tried to diss me cause they had to (Gang)
Even if I was with my kids, know I had to
I got better fans I got better thoughts
Like shout out to them killas who was never caught
Niggas screaming gang gang yea they hella soft
I seen that shit happened thats a gimmick nigga (Fraud)
A hunnid for my jewelry for my image nigga (Lets get It)
In the field with my killas playing scrimmage nigga
That Timmy Turner won’t none to my Timmy nigga
Tim-Tim gave a fifty in the city nigga
Nigga off Tremain I used to hang wit (Bitch)
Now they want me dead on some fame shit (Bitch)
Or they want some people thats the same shit
And they call them people that’s the same shit (Gang!)

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