Jboi – You Tried (feat. Mia Ramirez) lyrics

[Verse 1: Mia Ramirez]
I don’t need anyone to hold me down
And I don’t need compliments as good as they sound
Cause I, I think I’m doing well now, I ain’t even gotta tell how
Looking out for myself and I don’t need you baby

I just wanna have fun, with my girls still young, but you gotta act dumb
Trying to blow up my phone, stop giving me reasons to put you on hold
I don’t wanna go back to the way I used to be
I ain’t trying to stress too much so

Tell me why you try
Why you try
Why you try

Tell me why you try
Why you try
And you tried
But I’d rather just stay happy this time

[Verse 2: Mia Ramirez]
I knew you thought I’d be
All about your needs
And now you’re realizing
I’m focusing on me

I know this ain’t for you
I’m doing what I gotta do
I’m done with your lies and I’ll focus on me this time

Cause I feel so hot, burning like fire and I just can’t stop
You got me so confused, can you tell me


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